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Great-ful Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Thi time of the year is always a reminder for us of love, benevolence, kindness.  This year we have created a blend that expresses those emotions.

Great-ful a pun on words, but not really.  We are very grateful.  And it is a great time of the year.  Hence, Great-ful.
This stock blend is formulated from all Co2 extracts.
Anise Seed Co2 select - Illicium verum
Cardamom Co2 select Elettaria cardamomum
Ginger Co2 select - Zingiber officinalis
Therapeutic Properties of the Extracts in the Blend
Anise seed Co2 select  (Illicium verum) is typically used for her anti-spasmodic and carminative therapeutic properties to relieve dyspepsia, colic, and gas and is anti-ulcerogenic. It has also been proven to be sedative and inhibits acetylcholinesterase. Because of the fantastic antispasmodic properties, we find her to be awesome when dealing with deep respiratory issues.  She can relieve the spastic coughs of bronchitis and chest colds. A good friend of ours uses this in her anti-asthma blend.
Cardamom Co2 select (Elettaria cardamomum)is also highly antispasmodic and great for the digestive system and respiratory system.  This is in part due to the high percentage of esters.  It is also quite warming and acts as a rubefacient. This means it’s wonderful in blends to increase circulation and bring heat to an area. It is also a mental stimulant and can be used to clear the mind and increase focus. It is a great extract for anything digestive and stomachic.  It has also been known to use it as a pulmonary stimulant.  Helps warm up the system when suffering from a cold or flu.  Great to help relieve nausea.
Ginger Co2 select (Zingiber officinalis)  is warming and comforting especially in the winter. The Co2 extract of Ginger is more effective for nausea than her steam distilled sister.  She is rubefacient and is a circulatory stimulant where it is applied.  It is wonderful for anything digestive, and this extract is also wonderful for muscular pain.
Energetic properties of the extracts in the Blend

Anise Star Co2 select  (Illicium verum)  can help move obstacles out of our way, either mentally or in a tangible form so that we can feel sure-footed as we move ahead. This extract also is a great oil to help us when we feel either overwhelmed or tired. It can help soothe our spirit, so we can either take a rest or gain the motivation we feel is needed. Anise star is also very effective in helping to clear the head so that you can see the bigger picture.  It is expansive and comforting at the same time.

Cardamom Co2 select (Elettaria cardamomum) is stabilizing for the emotional and mental bodies. Because it is extracted from a seed, it offers a level of nurturing and protection when used in blends. It has also been known to be a wonderful aphrodisiac. Cardamom adds sweetness and hopefulness to a depressive situation. There is a completeness and gentleness\ within this extract. Because this extract offers you the “whole seed,” if you want to add this kind of “wholeness” to any blend, try using Cardamom CO2 extract. It helps people that are burdened with worries and events that test our ability to endure. According to Madeleine Hayes, cardamom can help people that are "cold to the core"

Ginger Co2 select (Zingiber officinalis) -  is a symbol of royalty in Hawaii.  Ginger has also been thought to invoke passion as well as manifest success, wealth, and power.  She helps one assimilate new ideas and events into one's life.  She assists in digesting in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. In China, she is used to Honor the Gods, and in the Middle East, she is known to strengthen your relationship with the Divine.
Uses of this Greatful Blend
  • Capture the essence of the holidays and celebration, abundance, and joy.
  • Diffuse to create a warm and comforting feeling.  This blend is helpful for anxiety, uplifting yet calming and expansive
  • Blend into unscented lotion to assist with digestion, gas, and bloating after holiday meals or any meal for that matter
  • Blend into any carrier for an effective muscular rub and to increase circulation.
  • If you dare put a drop or two in cookie dough, bread or cake mix


According to Tisserand & Young, trans-anethole which is found in Anise star is an ether that may inhibit blood clotting & reproductive hormone modulation.  Trans-anethole is contraindicated during pregnancy, breastfeeding, for those with endometriosis, estrogen-dependent cancers & children under 5 yrs old 

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