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Dolcezza - Sweetness





With the coming of summer and the flowers blooming in Spring a the aroma and a sense of sweetness fills the air.  And we can all use a touch of sweetness in our lives every day and especially these days.  We formulated this blend from essential oils and absolutes that are extracted from flowers and fruit.
Flowers are universally known as a symbol or love, friendship, hope, and sweetness.  Fruits are known for their vibrant, nourishing, alive and sweet juice.
Sweetness: This is primarily a blend for the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.   It is uplifting yet calming, reduces stress and anxiety, and connects you something greater than us.

  • White Ginger Lily Absolute(Hedychium coronarium)- is one of the primer oils to use when you are looking for an extract that can lift you up and make you feel that everything is alright.  The aroma is light and sweet.  We have never met one person that did not like her. She is extracted from a beautiful white flower which opens the heart as well as the crown chakra.
  • Ylang Ylang Complete EssentialOil (Cananga odorata)- is a beautiful essential oil that is extremely helpful when dealing with situations that cause stress and anxiety. She is a great oil for depression. Anecdotally, Ylang Ylang has been noted to help lower blood pressure! being helpful with stress and anxiety. She’s also used in cases of depression or when trying to cope with  For us, Ylang Ylang brings in happiness, blessings, and joy.  She is distilled from a huge yellow flower that hangs down like an umbrella.  Energetically the yellow represents the sun, and the umbrella-like offers protection.  We use this oil for the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. We chose to use the complete in this blend to offer a sense of wholeness.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia)- This is steam distilled bergamot so she is NOT phototoxic.  Bergamot is one of the premier oils to help with depression.  She is one of the sweetest smelling oils that are distilled from fruits.  She is both uplifting and calming, making her a great choice to help with anxious and sad feelings.  She can help lift you up in times of sadness and grief to a place where you can process them and come out the other side.  Bergamot is distilled from the rind of a green fruit.  The rind offers protection and the green is a representation of newness.  A new way of thinking, looking at things and being.  She opens up and yet protects the heart chakra.

The jojoba blend is a 12% dilution
The stock blend contains no carrier oil. It is formulated from pure essential oils
This stock blend version can be diffused (1 or 2 drops only), blended into your favorite lotion oil or gel, and worn as a perfume. The jojoba blend should not be diffused!
*The shelf life of this blend is between 6- 8 years.  And it is kid safe!*

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