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Help Your Dog Heal Itself

Caroline Ingraham

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If you have a dog in your life, this book is an absolute must!!!
We, Cindy and Joy, ( owners and clinically certified aromatherapists) have taken many courses with Caroline and the information in this book will help you help your dog.  If you are like us, our pets are our babies.  We would lay down our lives for our fur babies. Those of you who know us, know Bella Chica and know that we would NEVER do anything that would put her in harm's way.  We have worked with our dogs and have helped many canine clients following Caroline's methods. You will not be sorry if you purchase this book!

Whether you are working with rescued dogs or wondering why your dog from a loving home has a behavioral problem, allowing them to address their issues naturally can reveal hidden causes and bridge the communication gap between dog and carer. The language of dogs is through smell and in this book you will learn how you can use this language to gain an insight into where they may need support, helping them to transform their lives, as well as learning how to work with common physical ailments.
This book gives you Caroline's latest developments in the self selection approach. She shares with you a step by step process on how to work with your dog. This can produce results in sometimes half the time for certain conditions and represents an important update to her previous books. In the new 2nd edition of this book, Caroline has revised and updated the material to include: Exciting new remedies More conditions Greater detail Expanded upon the process in a clear and easy to use way Created an A - Z reference section followed by Caroline's notes on each remedy New case examples

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