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Scientific Vortex Information

How to Easily Understand, Find, and Tap Vortex Energy in Sedona and  Wherever You Travel!

This beautiful new edition of Scientific Vortex Information gives you everything you need to know to Guide Yourself on a Vortex Tour in Sedona. It also clearly shares the science and spiritual information that supports and explains the enhancing effects of Vortex Meditation Sites (and NO IT IS NOT an electric or magnetic phenomena - although that symbolic labeling system is fully explained in the book, along with the other commonly misunderstood symbolic description of vortexes as masculine or feminine). The information in the book also allows you to find enhanced energy sites in your home area and wherever you travel for the rest of your life.
In addition to teaching your how to understand and tap vortexes, Scientific Vortex Information shares keys for tapping the Soul, advanced mind/body healing methods, time sensing secrets, and techniques for Positive Past-Life Memory.

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