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Metaphysics of Essential Oils Basic Kit

This kit is 5% off retail price.
Available in 2 sizes of essential oils, choose from either of the following
  •  1/2oz (15ml) size essential oils with 1/6oz (5ml) for select oils noted (see * below)
  • 1/6oz (5ml) size essential oils with sample sizes (1.85ml) for selected oils noted (see * below)
The price shown above for the kit already includes the 5% discount

*Angelica(Angelica archangelica)
From France, Angelica Essential Oil is distilled from the root and has an earthy, herbaceous & musky aroma.
Energetically, it assists the user to be open to the angelic realm & source energy.
We have found this essential oil very useful when one is feeling blocked or cut off from their higher self, guides or higher information. It helps to strengthen the mind & spirit. Angelica Root essential oil is very effective when working with the Root (1st chakra), which deals with survival, living on the planet and grounding, Heart (4th chakra), which deals with love for self and love for the Divine, Brow (6th chakra), which deals with spiritual gift of seeing as well as how we see ourselves and how we see the world, and the Crown (7th chakra), which deals with our higher information and connection to the Divine.
Angelica Essential Oil is excellent for people who need grounding & support. It has a protective quality and assists with opening & clearing channels for angelic manifestation.
Balsam Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis)
From Brazil, Balsam Copaiba Essential Oil is distilled from the resin and has a balsamic, earthy, exotic, resinous, sensual & sweet aroma.
Balsam Copaiba has an affinity for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras. It helps one to deal with issues of survival, support & grounding, as well as relationships & personal power. Balsam copaiba has a balancing, expansive, grounding, protective, purifying & uplifting quality. Quiets the mind & enhances meditation & introspection and supports focused attention & tranquility. A supportive oil for healing old wounds.
*Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annum)
From Morrocco, Blue Tansy Essential Oil is distilled from the leaves and has a sweet, floral aroma.
Blue Tansy resonates with the 4th & 5th chakras, assisting with unconditional love & speaking one’s truth. It has an uplifting, protective, expansive quality, and is a highly energetic oil.  It is cooling & grounding and it helps to elevate your personal energy & unlock emotional stagnation.  It is a premiere oil for stress as it assists one’s ability to unwind & relax. It helps to balance & calm the mind.
Fragonia (Agonis fragrans)
From Australia, Fragonia Essential Oil is distilled from the leaves, twigs & branches and has a fresh, medicinal, camphoraceous, slightly floral, sweet & citrus aroma.
Fragonia Essential Oil assists in unblocking & releasing old patterns while helping new patterns to take hold. It possesses the ability to bring peace & balance.
Fragonia is expansive yet grounding; it rebalances the psyche, and assists in deepening dreams.
We have found it extremely effective in working with the sacral chakra (emotional body and creation energy), heart chakra (love of self and love for the Divine) and the brow chakra (how you see yourself and others and how you interpret the world) We have found that Fragonia™ carries a unique energy pattern bringing the gift of the power of unconditional love. It is a fantastic oil that is sometimes referred to as the "magic oil". It seems to work on whatever level that is needed to help the body, mind, or spirit find balance.
*Frankincense sacra(Boswellia sacra)
From Oman, Frankincense Sacra Essential Oil is extracted from the resin/gum and has a balsamic, earthy, resinous, slightly sweet & warm aroma.
It is known as a sacred substance in many ancient and modern cultures. Frankincense is wonderful for protection, purification & cleansing of the auric (energetic) field. It is protective, purifying, and grounding all at the same time, which is why it is wonderful for meditation, contemplation, prayer and sacred ceremonies. Helpful in cutting ties with the past, which inhibits personal growth, and very healing for deep emotional wounds.
Grounding yet expansive, Sedative & calming to mind & spirit
To us, Frankincense is a representation of light in an energetic manner.
Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis)
From Croatia, Laurel Leaf Essential oil is distilled from the leaves and has a camphoraceous, slightly sweet, fresh aroma. Has an affinity for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th & 6th chakras. It supports courage, confidence & insight.  Laurel Leaf is a beneficial oil for those who rely on inspiration & intuition for their work (creative artists, musicians, poets, writers). Assists in boosting self esteem. In the Middle Ages, Laurel was planted in front of homes to offer protection, success, and to defend against disease.
Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster)
From Hungary, Maritime Pine Essential Oil is distilled from the needles and has a balsamic, coniferous, fresh, piney, resinous, slightly floral, woody aroma.
Maritime Pine assists us in living in the ebb & flow of life, it is physically & emotionally strengthening, enhances clarity, and is cleansing of negative energies.  Resonates with the 1st, 4th, 6th chakras.
Orange Essence (Citrus sinesis)
From South Africa, Orange Essence Essential oil is cold pressed from the whole fruit, and has fresh, & fruity citrus aroma. Resonates with the 2nd, 4th & 6th chakras.
Orange Essence has an easy going, go with the flow type of energy. It assists one in adopting a more relaxed approach to life, supports adaptability, confidence and optimism. Orange brings levity and reminds you to take life less seriously.  Helps to clear stagnant energies, great oil to use when doing chakra clearing work, or clearing a physical space of energetic debris.
Palo Santo(Bursera graveolens)
From Ecuador, Palo Santo is distilled from the dead wood and has a cool, earthy, resinous, slightly sweet, citrus, woody aroma.
Palo Santo has been used by the Incas since antiquity as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. It is said to cleanse a space of negative/shadow energies, bringing protection & good fortune. Also known as “Saint Wood” or “Holy Wood”, Palo Santo is invaluable in assisting one with meditation and spiritual connection, it is expansive yet grounding, assists with connection to higher dimensions, and invites higher states of consciousness.
 It is very effective when working with the 1st - Root Chakra which deals with survival and living on the planet, the 6th chakra – Brow Chakra which deals with the spiritual gift of vision and how we see ourselves & others and how we see the world, the 7th – Crown Chakra, which deals with our higher information and connection to Divine energy, and the 8th chakra (which sits above the head) and is considered pure soul essence and energy.
 We have also used this oil for its energetic protective qualities for our home as well as our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.It is a wonderful wound healer both on the energetic and physical realms.

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