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School of Aromatic Studies Scholars Kit - Complete

This kit is for those who wish to have the essential oils and blending materials needed for the East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies Aromatic Scholars Advanced Aromatherapy Certification Course.
Please note that the oils in this kit are not pre-poured. They will be poured especially for you, so please allow an extra day for this kit to be shipped.
Please note that this kit requires an additional shipping charge.
This kit is available in 2 sizes:
1/2oz (15ml) with 1/6oz (5ml) of select (see*below) essential oils
1/6oz (5ml) with with sample sizes (1.85ml) for select (see * below) essential oils
Please scroll down to see the carriers & hydrosol sizes that are included with each kit, as the sizes vary depending on which size kit you choose. 
*Angelica Root
Balsam Fir
Black Pepper
Black Spruce
Carrot Seed
Cedarwood, Atlantic
Cinnamon Leaf
Clove Bud
Coriander Seed
Douglas Fir
Eucalyptus radiata
*German Chamomile
*Green Myrtle
Lemon Eucalyptus
Lemon Ironbark
May Chang
*Neroli Flowers
Petitgrain Leaves
Pine, Maritime
*Pinon Pine
Rosemary ct. verbenone
Silver Fir
Spanish Sage
Spike Lavender
Sweet Marjoram
*Tansy, Blue
*Thyme ct. geraniol
Thyme ct. linalol
Thyme ct. thymol
Winter Savory
2oz PET bottle w/ disc Top - 3
4oz PET bottle w/ disc top - 3
1oz glass jar - 5
2oz glass jar - 5
4 ouncePET  jar -5 
Inhaler Tubes - 12
2 oz Amber glass bottle 
Hydrosols for 15ml kit:
Frankincense 4oz
Rose Geranium 4oz
Helichrysum 8oz
Lavender 8oz/
Neroli 4oz
Rose damascena 4oz
Carriers for the 15ml Kit:
Sweet Almond Oil 4oz
Avocado Oil 2oz
Jojoba 32oz
Sesame Oil 4oz
Sunflower Oil 4oz
Foraha 2oz
Arnica Infused Oil 4oz
Calendula Infused Oil 4oz
St. John's Wort Infused Oil 2oz
Castile Soap 16oz
Beeswax Pastilles 8oz
Hydrosols for 5ml kit
Frankincense 2oz
Rose Geranium 2oz
Helichrysum 4oz
Lavender 4oz
Neroli 2oz
Rose damascena 2oz
Carriers for the 5ml Kit
Sweet Almond Oil 2oz
Avocado Oil 1oz
Jojoba 16oz
Sesame Oil 2oz
Sunflower Oil 2oz
Foraha 1oz
Arnica Infused Oil 2oz
Calendula Infused Oil 2oz
St. John's Wort Infused Oil 1oz
Castile Soap 8oz
Beeswax Pastilles 4oz
Hydrosols for Sample Kit
Frankincense 1oz
Rose Geranium 1oz
Helichrysum 1oz
Lavender 1oz
Neroli 1oz
Rose damascena 1oz
Carriers for the Sample Kit
Sweet Almond Oil 1oz
Avocado Oil .5oz
Jojoba 8oz
Sesame Oil 1oz
Sunflower Oil 1oz
Foraha .5oz
Arnica Infused Oil 1oz
Calendula Infused Oil 1oz
St. John's Wort Infused Oil .5oz
Castile Soap 4oz
Beeswax Pastilles 2oz





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