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Golden Trinity Essential Oil

Pinus edulis/Chrysanthemum nauseous/Artemisia tridentata

 Co distill of Pinion Pine, Rabbitbrush and Great Western Sage. Steam distilled very slowly, hand processed.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Co-Distillations were chosen by our distiller because the plants live closely in-community. They are partners in micro climate and nutrient absorption. They react synergistically, support one another and work together intentionally. Thus combining the benefits and creating unique chemistry found in each plant.    

Traditional Use of Golden Trinity

Pinion Pine Pinus edulis  Indicated for bladder, kidney and rheumatic infections as well as for respiratory inflammation and reduction of excess mucous Contains limonene which is anti-turmoric.
High in vitamin C and sucrose which is found in abundance in the needles. Also high in sulphur supporting connective and muscle tissue.  

Great Western Sage Artemesia tridentata   GW Sage is a dominate species throughout the Western U.S. plant community. Being of the Artemisia family (worm woods), this plant is a known vermifuge. Indigenous cultures have used GW Sage for coughs, colds, headaches, stomach aches, fevers, internal bleeding and to relieve pain during child birthing. Poultices of wet leaves applied to bruises reduce swelling. GW Sage is also used for “smudging”, or ceremonial purification.

Rabbit Brush
Crysothamnus nauseosus This plant has been traditionally used for intestinal worms, clearing thick yellow mucous. Indicated for coughs and colds. As it grows closely with Sage Brush, these two work well together. Rabbit Brush is also quite dominant throughout the Western U.S. community. It is currently being tested as a nematocide and for anti-malarial properties.


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