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True Human "Recovery"

Specialty Stock Blend

True Human "Recovery" if formulated to assist you to bring yourself back to center. Use after a hard workout or a hard day.
  • Black Spruce (Picea mariana) - Black Spruce is a great essential oil to promote a sense of centering, calm, focus. Black Spruce instills a sense of rootedness. Once feeling grounded, we can feel more connected to our breath, opening and expanding on many levels.  It is restorative and helps strengthen self identity and the root chakra. 
  • Black Pine (Pinus nigra) - Black Pine essential oil is extremely grounding and assists in settling the sprit and etheric body.  It allows some space to be be still and come into our bodies.  This oil also helps us draw from the "heavens"
  • Cedarwood (Citrus deodora) - Cedarwood esential oil helps to bring you back to center.  It is stabilizing and extremely gounding.  It also assist in the integration of the body, mind and spirit.  It is an energetic breath that creates space to recalibrate. It provides a sense of stability and safety and also hepls clear negative energies or patterning.

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