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Spotlight Class - Vibrational Blending

Spotlight Class

You may have attended my mini class on Introduction to Vibrational Aromatherapy, where we discussed the basics of Viraational Aromatheraly.   NOW we will learn how to blend solely based on the vibrational resonance of an essential oil and you!   Hence the name Vibrational Blending.

This is a jam packed 2 hour mini class.  It will be recorded and available for you forever (as all my classes are).

Knowing how to blend based on learned book knowledge and Chemistry and the therapeutics is wonderful but it is only a tiny piece of the pie. Such an incredibly small piece of the pie. 

By tapping into our innate knowledge and information, we can discover the ties between vibrations (thought patterns, behaviors) and physical manifestations (disease.) and what oils and extracts can best serve us to repattern and heal.  It is a truly revolutionary method of blending. This is a new and powerful way to approach the use of essential oils and aromatherapy and healing. 

This will be an interactive class where I will epend on you for participation.  There will be demonstrations, conversations and applications.  It will be FUN and EXPANSIVE!

In this introductory Spotlight class you will:
  • Learn about the vibratory connection between plants and man
  • Learn how to use energetic techniques to choose your oils
  • Learn to test yourself to see if you are in harmony with your healing desire
  • Learn how to test if an oil will be stregnthening to your system or a paticular body system or organ
  • Learn how to test what the best application of an oil or blend is
  • Learn how to remote test an oil, blend for someone else or even your pet
  • Review plant parts, Doctrine of signatures and important concepts in Cosmo Therapy
Break free from the constraints of traditional therapeutic blending techniques and jump down this rabbit hole with me. If you are interested in energy and believe that there is more to us that our physical body, this Spotlight Class is for you. 

About Stillpoint's Classes 

Bella and I hope you will join us for this one where we Delve into the Vibrations!!

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