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Victorian Synergy Organic Hydrosol

Pelargonium capitatum, Lavandula angustifolia, and Lippia citriodora

Co Distilled from the flowers and leaves of Pelargonium capitatum, Lavandula angustifolia, and Lippia citriodora
Artisan Crafted in Sedona
Distillation date is  Summer 2023
Aroma is earthy and fresh yet floral, sweet and uplifting

  • Stillpoint's Victorian Hydrosol is a delightful co-distillation of three enchanting botanicals: Rose Geranium, Lavender, and Lemon Verbena. The infusion derives its therapeutic and energetic qualities from these very three elements. The process that unfolds within the still to produce this aromatic magic is simply beyond words.
  • This unique mixture traces its roots back to the Victorian era, a timeless recipe from the old world. Its composition, known as Victorian Synergy, is hailed for its antibacterial, skin healing properties and its ability to alleviate anxiety.
  • On an energetic level, it provides healing to deep-seated emotional wounds, rejuvenates the psyche, and stimulates the heart chakra. The fragrances interweave in a beautiful dance, striking a balance that encourages both expansion and grounding.
  • I find this hydrosol particularly useful during my own ancestral work, offering healing not just on a physical level but also penetrating the emotional plane. It's a personal favorite when it comes to holistic healing and deep connection with the self. 

Storage: Cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great.

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