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Thyme Essential Oil White

Thymus vulgaris ct thymol

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Did you know that there are more than 300 different varieties of the thyme plant? And oils extracted from the different species ARE different!
We have a variety of thymes at Stillpoint!
  • Red Thyme Essential Oil  - Thymus vulgaris ct thymol (known as just thyme n the aromatherapy world)  Phenolic Rich - Strong
  • White Thyme Essential Oil - Thymus vulgaris ct thymol  (which is red thyme rectified often compounded with Eucalyptus or Rosemary)Phenolic Rich - Strong
  • Thyme linalool Essential Oil – Thymus vulgaris ct linalool  Monoterpenol Rich -Gentle
  • Thyme geraniol  Essential Oil Thymus vulgaris ct geraniol Momterpenol Rich - Gentle
  • Benchmark thyme Essential Oil - Thymus zygis (Loefl L.) + other cultivars/chemotypes  Balanced - Gentle
  • Thyme ct thymol Co2 extract - Thymus vulgaris ct thymol  Phenolic Rich - Strong
  • Thyme ct terpineol Co2 extract - 

Traditional Folklore

The name thyme originates from the Greek word “thymon” meaning to fumigate. It is also thought to be derived from another Greek work “thumus” meaning courage. The thyme plant was associated with bravery.  Roman soldiers bathed in a bath infused with the herb before going into battle.  And for the knights of the Crusades, thyme was sewn into their scarves.
This is what Nicholas Culpeper wrote about  “It is a noble strengthener of the lungs, as notable a one as grows; neither is there scarce a better remedy growing for that disease in children which they commonly call the chin-cough, than it is. It purges the body of phlegm, and is an excellent remedy for shortness of breath. It kills worms in the belly, and being a notable herb of Venus, provokes the terms, gives safe and speedy delivery to women in travail, and brings away the after birth. It is so harmless you need not fear the use of it. An ointment made of it takes away hot swellings and warts, helps the sciatica and dullness of sight, and takes away pains and hardness of the spleen. Tis excellent for those that are troubled with the gout. It eases pains in the loins and hips. The herb taken any way inwardly, comforts the stomach much, and expels wind.”


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